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RV Park



Hello Happy Campers!

We are your camp hosts, Daniel and Emily Fiske and here is our story! Dan and I lived in beautiful Napa, California for most of our lives. But in 2020, we grew tired of the crowded lifestyle in the wine country and decided to do what we love most, camp! We packed up our 5th wheel and began our search of the Western United States at all different types of RV Parks. During our search, we discovered the small town of Lakeview which had three RV Parks for sale. Out of the three parks, this park (formerly known as the Abert Rim Oasis RV Park) had the most potential, best views and pull through sites. Have you seen the classic movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? If you have - our first impression of the property reminded us of cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's and what Cousin Eddie’s place would look like if he owned an RV Park. Regardless, my husband and I were able to see past the broken down vehicles, trailers, mobile homes and conex boxes that filled the property and saw its great potential of being a beautiful home and RV Park. We couldn’t wait to roll up our sleeves and get to work on creating our dream home and campground!


We lived in space one in our 5th wheel, for a few months finishing up escrow and making plans.. It wasn’t until August 2021 that escrow was complete and we could start remodeling the house to make it our official new home. During this same time, there was the Cougar Peak Fire behind our property - scorching the ground only 2 miles away from us. We had to evacuate for three days, praying the whole time that we didn’t lose everything that we’ve been dreaming of for so long. Fortunately, the fire stayed at a safe distance and we were able to go home and get to work!


As we became more acquainted with the town of Lakeview and our surrounding neighbors, we learned that the Simms family across the highway from us were the ones who originally built this park. Our 25 acres used to be owned by the Simms, prior to the 1995 Highway 395 improvements that separated their lot, which prevented them from driving cattle across the way. This gave them the idea to build an RV Park on the now unusable property. They created the infrastructure and owned the property until 2005. This was good news to us, knowing that the park was built by a multigenerational family that settled here over 110 years ago. 


Even though it had been a wild ride, we had faith and  fell more in love with it here! And as we learn the rich history of the settlers and native tribes that looked at the same views as we do now,  we have the opportunity to share that experience with people from all over this great country  and we can’t wait to welcome you!

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